Yorktown Dairy and Farm

Roswell, NM

  • Lot Size: 162+ Acres w/ Water Rights

Yorktown Dairy and Farm, 4504 School Road, Roswell, New Mexico

LOCATION:The Yorktown Dairy and Farm is located approximately 6 miles southeast of Roswell, NM. Roswell population is approximately 50,000. The economy is based on agriculture. Roswell is the county seat for Chaves County and the hub city for southeastern New Mexico.

ACCESS: Road access via School Road. The property is situated on the SE corner of School Road and Brasher Rd. 

ACREAGE: Property consists of 162. mol, privately owned, deeded acres. The farm is situated in the premier farmland of the Pecos Valley. Soils are characterized as Reakor Loam, which are deep, well drained, level to nearly level loam.

WATER RIGHTS: Allocated land to be irrigated cropland consists of 153 acres with an equivalent of 459.0 acre feet of water per year at 3 acre feet per acre per year. The water rights are approved for commercial or dairy use. Irrigation of the farmland acreage is appropriated with the use of three irrigation ground wells. The farm is watered through concrete/dirt ditches, underground pipelines and a pivot sprinkler. Pivot has an estimated age of 6 years. Average depth of the shallow wells in the area is 200 feet. As per owner, the average pumping capacity of the shallow well is 400 gallons per minute. The shallow well is a partnership well. Average depth of the Artesian wells in the area is 500 feet. As per owner, the average pumping capacity of the Artesian wells is 800 to 1000 gallons per minute each. These are combined Artesian ground water rights with supplemental shallow ground rights. Records of the New Mexico State Engineer Office, Roswell, NM disclose water rights with priorities of 1906 and 1925. The file numbers are RA-862 and RA-5025. County production average is Alfalfa 8 tons per acre with 7 cuttings, Corn silage 25 tons per acre and Small grains 12 tons per acre.

IMPROVEMENTS: This is a dairy facility with 2 homes, improved working farm, operational, and irrigation water delivery system.


4505 School Road
Roswell, NM

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